Corrosea Sdn. Bhd. (Pte. Ltd.) is a Malaysia based company, which was established in by a group of passionate professionals in the subsea inspection. The team members are actively involved in underwater inspection works with various subsea inspection companies in the region.

Throughout the years of experiences in the Oil & Gas Industry, we believe every engineering works in completed or on-going projects are substantial to have precise examination frequently as a quality and integrity measurement of every piece of the engineering works; from the subsea platform structures, subsea pipelines till the structures at the onshore refineries. Equally important this quality measurement helps to emphasize the safety level of these structures, not only to protect the safety of the people working around but also the environment as keeping the HSE policy as our priority in the industry.

Enhancing the technology in the Subsea Cathodic Protection System, Corrosea has developed a better high-speed and accuracy Cathodic Protection Survey System. We have been provided our CP inspection services in the region with our well-trained personnel who is NACE or equivalent certified, to ensure higher standard product and service to meet satisfaction of our clients in terms of the expectation of reliability, safety, accuracy and cost effectiveness.

We are always ready and available 24/7 for discussion to provide you with real time solutions, prompt response and hassle-free services.