The FMI Acoustic system is designed to determine the extent of water ingress into the steel members. The system operates by transmitting an acoustic pulse which travels from the transducer, through the metal structure, through the fluid held internally in the member and is reflected by the metal on the opposite side. The acoustic pulse will not propagate through the void in the structure and will not receive a reflected pulse if the structure is not flooded.

Data will be transmitted to Data Logging system via RS-485 protocol.

The Acoustic FMI can be used by a diver or can be mounted in the supplied T-bar handle and operated by an ROV. The transducer is spring mounted to help prevent damage. The transducer is covered by a white silicone membrane which helps prevent damage from abrasion during use. Accuracy of results is highly corresponded to the factors of the position placing and clean contact surface of the probe to the structure.

We are experience over than 10 years supplying and involving Flooded Member Detection Services and we had inspected subsea platform more than 500 platforms.