• Inspection (Hull, Propeller, Water tank) 
• Survey (Dam, Lake)
• Footage (photography, research, media) 
• Rental 
The BlueROV2 provides the capabilities of a high-end commercial mini- ROV and most low cost inspection and research-class subsea vehicle. 
The smooth, stable, and highly maneuverable ROV is comprised of six thrusters, a rugged frame, and quick- swappable batteries. Powerful but dimmable lights provide excellent illumination for the live HD video feed. The BlueROV2 was built with high-quality parts, meticulous design, and rugged reliability with proven success in the field.
Equipped with six powerful T200 thrusters and Basic ESCs, the BlueROV2 has the best thrust-to-weight ratio in its class to perform demanding tasks. 
It is ideal for operations in shallow to moderate waters, with a standard 100m depth rating and up to 300m tether lengths available. 
The BlueROV2 uses the open-source ArduSub software and PixHawk autopilot to provide autonomous capabilities rarely seen in mini-ROVs and hackability paralleled by none.
Product Features:
• Live Low- Latency 1080p HD Video
• Highly Maneuverable Vectored Thruster Configuration
• Stable and Optimized for Inspection and Research- Class Mission
• Easy to Use, Cross-Platform Interface
• Highly Expandable
• T200 Thrusters and Basic ESCs
• Standard 100 m Depth Rating 
• Battery Powered with Quick Swappable Batteries for Long Mission
At a short notice we are ready to mobilize for supplying this ROV together with certified and experience ROV Pilot