Our partnership with Pelican Pte Ltd, Corrosea is capable to provide the following services :
• Positioning of drilling rigs and anchor-handling vessels during rig moving operations (DGPS)
• Positioning of floating facilities during towing and installation (DGPS)
• Positioning of divers and remotely operated vehicles (ROV) during subsea structures and pipelines inspection and intervention projects (DGPS, USBL)
• Single-beam and multi-beam bathymetry and side scan sonar surveys for jack-up and semi-submersible drilling rig installation sites, coastal lines, harbors and ports (seabed featuring, wreck identification, etc) surveys
• Magnetometry surveys (search for buried ferrous objects, submarine cables and ordnance)
• Analog geophysical site surveys and pipeline route surveys including single-beam and multi-beam echo-sounders, side scan sonar and shallow seismic sub-bottom profiler and   magnetometer
• Shallow soil sampling with gravity drop corer and soil samples analysis in onshore laboratory
• Performance of field work and data quality control (QC) at similar projects.